Nov 112012

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We will be having the concluding(?) episode of Dan’s Dr. What game on Saturday, Nov. 17th. We hope you all can make it.

For game night we are making pasta and homemade sauce and peach cobbler. Ideas we had for stuff to bring: cheese (parmesan/asiago or romano etc.), salad, drinks, bread or ice cream (to go with the cobbler). Maybe you can work out in the comment section who will bring which.

See you all soon.

P.S. If you need an update of the game, there is quite a bit of info on this site.

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Jul 052012
Name: Robilus / Mary Level: 5 Lev Exp Skill Exp
155 180
Skill Luck: 10
CON 2 Pers. Luck: 3
MND 3 Age: 20
Special Exp (2x) Level Bday 8-May
MND based skills Exp Level Dice
Animal Handling 60 3 6
Seeing 60 3 6
Smelling 60 3 6
Melee Weapons/STR Chart
AGL based skills Exp Level Dice (damage points added on combat success)
Sharps, Short 60 3 5 Weapon Range Speed STR
Rope Use 60 3 5 1
None 0-1 0 0
Small 0-1 -1 6
Medium 1-2 -4 8(-1D)
Large (2H) 1-3 -8 10(-2D)
(-#D ) = Attack dice reduction
2H used 1H reduces STR by 2.
Illusion Sphere 60 3
Mana cost Diff Target Exp Level Dice
Det Sphere Magic 1 30 30 2 5
Read Sphere Magic 1 30 30 2 5
Dancing Lights 1 30 30 2 5
Change Self 1 40 30 2 5
Protection Sphere 60 3
Mana cost Diff Target Exp Level Dice
Det Sphere Magic 1 30 30 2 5
Read Sphere Magic 1 30 30 2 5
Pass w/o Trace 1 20 30 2 5
Sanct from anything 1 20 30 2 5
Divination Sphere 60 3
Mana cost Diff Target Exp Level Dice
Det Sphere Magic 1 30 30 2 5
Read Sphere Magic 1 30 30 2 5
Find Traps 1 30 30 2 5
Locate Animals/Plants 1 40 30 2 5
Speak w Animals 1 20 30 2 5
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Jul 052012
Name: Oc Ashag (Shawn Shattum) Level: 5 Lev Exp Skill Exp
167 15
Skill Luck: 8
CON 1 Pers. Luck: 3
MND 3 Age: 20
Special Exp (2x) Level Bday 11-Feb
Telepathy 60 2
MND based skills Exp Level Dice
Animal Handling 100 4 7
Animal Training 100 4 7
Melee Weapons/STR Chart
AGL based skills Exp Level Dice (damage points added on combat success)
Med. Sharps 150 4 6 Weapon Range Speed STR
Riding (Worg) 100 4 6 2
Hand/Foot Attk. 30 2 4 None 0-1 0 2
Small 0-1 -1 8
Medium 1-2 -4 10
Large (2H) 1-3 -8 12(-1D)
(-#D ) = Attack dice reduction
2H used 1H reduces STR by 2.
Pain Control 10D
Earth Sphere 100 4
Mana cost Time Target Exp Level Dice
Det Sphere Magic 1 M 30 60 3 6
Read Sphere Magic 1 H 30 60 3 6
Wizards Lock 1 R 10 60 3 6
Spider Climb 1 R 20 100 4 7
Det. Snares/Pits 1 R 20 60 3 6
Knock 1 R 20 60 3 6
Stone Shape 2 R 30 60 3 6
Warp Wood 1 R 30 30 2 5
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Jul 022012

I installed a plugin to display the slides of Dans Power Point as a comic strip.  I did the first 4, but there are tons so if anyone wants to update them they will get published faster.

Here is how to do it:

  • log in
  • In the left menu under comics, click add comic
  • Above the page edit box there is a small link called upload/insert–click it
  • Click the ‘Media Library’ tab at the top of the Add Media pop up window
  • Find the next slide from the 6 pages of media files and click ‘Show’
  • Give it a Title and click ‘Insert to Post’
  • Now Title the post – can be the same title as the comic
  • In the right menu bar, choose the chapter or make a new chapter if that is appropriate
  • Add alt (hover) text if you want
  • Click ‘Publish’

That should do it.

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Jan 192011

Well, here I am. Off to work security for another of my old college buddies weird Halloween parties. You know, the one where they get that homeless wacko psychic to do a séance and try to freak each other out.

Times have been tough lately so I can’t really pass it up, but I have to take a taxi all the way out to the ferry at Willapa Bay. This time we’re having it at Fab’s old man’s mansion ’cause the old fart finally kicked the bucket and Fab is taking over the place.

When we all get there things seem a bit weird. It looks like the man of the manor has been living in a shed and the mansion has but a few foot prints through the dust collected on the floor. The art gallery is the strangest place as every portrait is of some tormented screaming face. Debra found a brass ring in the floor but that was about it.

It turned out that that brass ring was part of a friggin’ old fashion carousel, like out of some movie or somethin’, out in the front yard. I mean who on gods green earth has a carousel? (Well except maybe that freak Michael Jackson.) We all went out to check this thing out and found a trap door that lead under this thing. When we all went down there ant turned on the lights, it was like we hit the friggin’ motherload.

I am no stranger to stolen art, but this place had some things that are worth millions in the right hands. And they were just set out in this sitting room like they were just normal things. I recognized some of the objects and realized that they have been missing or stolen for years, in fact of point every piece in the room was a known missing relic. I was starting to wonder about how this guy got all of his money when someone opened a door that lead out of this room. What we found put the stuff in that little room to shame. A stainless steel tunnel that stretched on for miles with alcoves every few meters holding another very expensive, very stolen piece of art.

We hiked down this tunnel for a good hour when we came to an access hatch in the ceiling with a ladder. When we opened it we found that this tunnel had lead us under the bay to a small little rock island off the shore of the main island. What we saw next made me think that one of my old “buddies” had dosed me with somethin’. Right there on the rock was a friggin’ little leprechaun or somethin’. The thing seemed to be all irritated that he was missing one of his boots and started telling us other stuff, but then we noticed that the ferry was bringing people out to the island. We decided to hoof it back to meet who ever it was.

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Jan 192011

The son of a well known and wealthy art collector and auctioneer, Staggy Woodword droped out of his fourth year of prestigious art school because it was interfering with his electronic synth emo grunge band. The band soon broke up and he quickly got caught up with a group of art thieves. Staggy was useful to the tight knit group because of his knowledge of the art collector scene and his extensive experience with electronics. After two years of very profitable jobs, he was caught in a sting operation in a house of a close friend of his fathers. He was sentenced to 10 years (he was caring weapons — a knife and a tazer) and was out in four because of a good lawyer and a bribe to the right judge. He now is working as a security guard for a wealthy land owner on an island. He is contacted from time to time by the FBI for assistance with crimes in the art world.

Staggy is 5’4″, 210 lbs and swarthy. He likes to think his art thieving days are behind him, but always plots out jobs in his head when he sees an easy take. He is a decent keyboard player and has excellent electronic and computer skills. He also developed some boxing skills in the slammer. His relationship with his father is strained at best.

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May 232010

After traveling through the Mandala of Transport, we all faced a decision. Should we go with Kur to his dwarven mountain kingdom, or head back to Voneer to check on the state of affairs with my uncle. In the end it was more pressing to go to Voneer as we needed to know What my brother Lin was up to.

Following two weeks of foot travel, the coastal route lead us back to the outskirts of Voneer. Tiboh volunteered to fly into the city to avoid detection and gather information. We made camp under the cover grove of trees and waited for his return. What he told us was alarming. He was able to speak directly with my uncles Lieutenant and learned that my uncle has been arrested under suspicion of treason. Lin has taken greater control over the council and has issued an arrest warrant for our entire group. On top of that, it was noted that something was found at the bottom of the bay and a small group of armed men left the city two weeks ago headed east towards the People of the oak. Could this be another piece of the elvish artifact that when complete will grant the owner control over all orcs? We knew that we must leave right away to find out.

With a two week lead, we had a few weeks of forced march ahead of us. We bought what provisions we needed and started our hunt. Tiboh used his owl form for most of the journey to scout ahead. When we finally caught up to the men carrying a barnacle encrusted elongated box we were exhausted. Tiboh’s reconisance revealed that the guards were very nervice of their package and were cautious not to touch it. There were 4 armored men with swords, two with large daggers and one unarmed man.

We all agreed on an ambush location where we could have best tactical advantage. Tiboh flew in first and perched himself in a tree near their camp. He changed back to halfling form and readied an arrow. Da joined into kurin and they traveled under the earth to the location just under what we thought was the leader. I waited on the outskirts for the action to start.

Kurin reached his arm and upper body out of the earth and struck a deadly blow to the head of the sleeping, unarmed man and Tiboh made sure the job was complete with an arrow to the chest. Da removed her self from Kurin and slew the next sleeping man.

At this time the two men on guard started yelling and running in to engage the attackers. When I heard this I myself began to run in to join the fight. The battle raged for a couple minutes with Robilus joining in just in time to save Da from receiving a mortal wound.

I engaged one of the armed men on watch and found an opponent that was near my equal. We circled and slashed with our armor taking most of the blows, yet I was showing to be the superior swordsman. Kurin disengaged his own foe and flanked the man I was working on to help me defeat him and we then worked together to bring the next man to submission.

Da, Tiboh and Robilus finished off the remaining fighters to bring the conflict to an end.

After a brief search of the captive and dead, we moved our attention to the box from the bay. Heeding the warning we learned in reconnaissance, Kurin had one of the wounded men touch the box and some kind of magic caused him to be electrocuted. After further investigation we learned that there was only one charge to the box so kurin and I both cast Knock spells and opened it. What was revealed was a splenderoud elvish made sword. Definitely not the artifact piece that we were thinking might be there. Da claimed the sword as her own and I put the box in my bag of holding.

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May 182010

After a long and treacherous journey, I find myself with my companions in the city of Voneer hiding from my half brother who is hunting me. We were staying at the compound of my uncle who was once an official of this city. All guests of the city are required to wear a guest pass and must renew that pass every 4 days. We headed out together to go to the city watch to renew our passes when we were attacked by a band of brigands. We warned the attackers that they were out matched, but they moved on us with violence. I used my skill with sword to dispatch several of the villains, and even with a sneak attack from behind, all but a couple were severely injured. We took two of the attackers back to my uncles compound and questioned them with the aid of my new found telepathic power.

I discovered that they were paid by my brother to attack us and that they were to collect their pay at “The Drunken Unicorn” tavern. I realized that this was to trap us into confronting him. We decided not to fall for the trap.

As we went to get our guest passes, we met a Mountain dwarf, Kur, that we became friends with. He gave us a lot of information regarding the origin of the magic item that we possess a part of. We learned about Centaur Island that has a secret “Mandala of transport” that will send us back to the main land once we get there. We headed there by ship in order to enlist the help of the centaurs in the struggle against the Dark One who seeks to enslave everyone. The Centaurs allowed us to use the Mandala with the requirement that we keep their secret.

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May 182010

Seven days after the giant had fallen, Oc left his companions who were organizing a work party to rebuild the forge and kiln area that had been heavily damaged (Kurin was still in recovery and could only help by drawing out plans and giving instructions). He knew of an outcropping near the river that may be sheltering more of the townsfolk. As he returned from a successful trip, he noticed dust clouds coming from the area of the road. He decided to cut through the woods back to the palisade to avoid whatever was headed to the village.

Approaching the outer wall, Oc counted at least a dozen well armed, mounted men in uniform guarding the front gate. One among them, not in uniform, seemed very familiar to the half orc.

Deciding to avoid detection, Oc pulled a small colorful stone from his pouch. He held the stone above his head while making soft clicking noises with his mouth. With a slight glow, the stone turned to a liquid and drizzled over his body. The next second he was clinging to the side of the wall. With the ease of a spider, he climbed over the six meter wall.

Once on the other side, he hid in the shadows until one of his mother’s attendants came by. When he approached her, she didn’t recognize him and let out a startled yelp. After she calmed down, he asked her what was going on. She explained that this garrison of troops from Vaneer had come and that Oc’s half brother was leading them.

He told her to go inform his mother that he was here and to come see him. As she left he noticed several of the soldiers in the courtyard pointing out defensive positions within the palisade.

A couple of minutes passed and he heard the voice of his half brother shouting and the stomping of armored boots.

“He is here! Shawn is here! Find him! Find him NOW!”

Seeing this as a bad sign, Oc took another stone from his pouch and cast another spider climb spell. When he reached the top of the wall he heard his brother’s voice again.

“There he is… on the wall… GET HIM!” An arrow sizzled by as he slipped down the other side of the wall.

Oc went back to his old worg cave to wait. He had an idea that his mother would look for him there but not his brother. After a couple hours he noticed the figure of the same attendant.

He followed her into the cave and this time the surprise really caused her to scream. She told him that his mother and friends would meet him at the ferry and that he should avoid being seen.

When he got to the river, he found the small group waiting for him. Da, Kurin, Robilus, his mother, …and Theo, the senior student from the school who had given Oc information about giants before they left!

“Shawn, your brother has brought troops to defeat the giant. He heard the news and came as quickly as he could.”

“Not quick enough I’d say” Oc replied curtly

“the thing is Shawn, now that your father is dead, Sheiiz sees it as his right and responsibility to run the village as he sees fit.”

“And that’s not the worst of it. Your cousin, Lin, has convinced your brother and many others that you are the one who brought the giant upon us and they want to put you on trial. You must leave immediately.”

“Mother, this village is no good any more. Come with us and leave this mess to Sheiiz.”

“I cannot. There are many here who depend on me. You must go on your own.”

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