Jan 202011

It started with an unusually hard week. I lost a patient to heart failure. He was a 72 year old man from the reservation.

Swine flu caused a public panic for no good reason. I hate the media. Poor kids, poor mothers, they don’t know anything.

I’m not looking forward to this Halloween party. They’re all going to ask about Max. It’s my least favorite holiday anyway.

One good thing about these friends. I can be a non-responsible college kid all over again. I wish I’d had time to make Kim Chi for them.

Fab inherited this island from his uncle. Typical for my old friend. Birthdays in Monte Carlo, Christmas in Rio, the usual…

I wish I could take my friends out to Samoa to help with the Tsunami relief.

And what is with Ralphus the psychic. It’s not logical to me. Ugh, I need to be less uptight. I need to let the energy flow…

Riding with my old friends in our rental car brings flashbacks to college. When we hired a chauffeur to drive that U-haul truck to wherever, I don’t remember, all of us piled in the back with a keg. Was it Reed’s idea? We were so wasted when the cop pulled us over, following the trail of beer. Aah, community service…

Wow, the mansion is great! It has two stories, a big building on a private island! A lot of money. Lucky Fab! The ultimate playboy mansion. What’s up with this carousel? Did Fab’s uncle have kids? Don’t know. Spencer would love to ride this thing. That little brat :).

And those portraits in the gallery! So sad. But very photo-realistic painting. This man with the plaque, Medicus Panton, it means Doctor ?what? Hmm, very interesting looking guy. Is he alive?

I heard something clink behind me. What’s that? A brass ring on the floor? What for? Fab says it belongs on the carousel. I guess we  have to all go there.

Wow, this a really cosy sitting room. It looks like antique, well-crafted fine art. Somewhat similar to my father’s  library. But not this fancy!

Wow, Staggy is going nuts right now, I can see his eyebrows twitching. I hope we can keep him out of trouble. With my salary, I can’t bail him out anymore.

What is with this tunnel. I’ve never seen this technology before. A tube tunnel? No seams? And a looong way to go down. And what is with all these missing artifacts? I can’t believe what I am seeing down here. Is Fab’s uncle an art thief? Is this where he made his fortune? Does Fab inherit all this art too? I believe this art belongs to the public. Oh my god, one after one after one, how many?.. You could literally buy a small Pacific island with all this money, you could live like a king. Oh right, we are on a small Pacific island.

What…is…this creature? What was his name? It’s not a leprechaun. It looks more like a garden gnome. I’ve seen this in my neighbor’s garden made out of plaster! What is this, why is he grumpy about his missing boot? And why is he living on this little rock. Where is his food? I mean, how did he get there? And what is he saying to us? We have to go back? And why are we listening to him? Okay, I guess we have to go back to the island. Or wherever.

Chaos! A big bang! A loud noise! Smoke! Is this a war zone? Who’s operating this carousel? Who are these people coming up the driveway? Why are these mercenary private armies attacking us? Why is Reed firing his gun out?!? Where can I find a pointy stick to jetté them with? We are retreating back down the ladder into the sitting room. We surrender!

We got lined up outside. Are they kidnapping us? Are they asking a ransom? Fab’s family has money. Overall this is his property. Who are these people? Did anyone call 911? Why didn’t I think of that first? **BLAM**

Whoaaaa… Huh? Am I alive? I think I’m alive. My heart is beating. Why are we in a picture frame? Wwww…Is everybody okay? I guess I’m stuck. I try to wiggle my toes and fingers. Seems to be moving, but I have a wierd sensation I don’t know how to explain.

Where am I now? Oh, it’s the gallery! You mean all these portraits are like us? They are living people?!? How long have they been here? How long will I be here in this form? We’ve gotta do something!

Those business suit guys from the limo are back. What is on their backs? Insect, squid, wierd thingies! What are they doing to the other portraits? What the… That’s inhumane! They just killed that dude! And they are puppeting his body! What is that cube thingy they used to 3D him? We must be 2D like they were. I need to get that cube from them! They’re leaving now. We can’t let them just leave like that! We need to fight back somehow!

What is that, a ghost? A folding bedsheet, floating object. I kinda looks like a human. But it’s like paper… It’s kind of a paper man? Is that a human? Or do I look like that?

Whoa, what is this gnome dude doing here? What is he doing? NO, don’t burn us! Whoa, I’m falling….

Whoa, I don’t think I can do this… I guess I can swim along the floor. I need to catch these creatures before they leave. Oh good Reed is here. We are all attacking these creatures. Crawling up their bodies like a film. Somehow I need to get that cube!

I got the cube! Oh, okay, zap, zap, button, click, click…**ZAP** I’m 3D again! Now I need to make the cube into that lightsaber thingy! **zziiinggg** Success! Time to cut those puppet squids away! Horrible screaming!

Reed got hurt! I don’t know how? They’re trying to get back to the portraits! I need to keep them away!

What is this noise? The carousel is spinning! Earthquake! Tsunami? Whoa, the sky is opening up! The end of the world? What is that noise? I know this sound. It’s from a TV show I watched in college with my friends. It’s the TARDIS! …everything goes black.

We’re on a sunny hill, Ow! my head. Where are we? Looking around. The TARDIS! A blue police box!

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Jan 202011

When Deborah saw The Doctor for the first time this is what she recalled…


You know this guy. While working with your mother for Doctor’s Without Borders you were assigned to a clinic at Koidu (Sefadu) in Sierra Leone. The country had recently ended a violent civil war and tensions and anger were still high among the people. The hours were long, the work was hard, and memories of maimed children made sleeping difficult. Still you felt you were making a real difference.


 One month you and your mother participated in a travelling clinic to outlying villages. You spent three weeks traveling there and back, visiting and treating people at smaller villages on the way. One day in a small community near Makeni, you treated a local volunteer named Carol Mondeh, who lost her right hand early in the war. She was a bright and funny woman, who cheered you with her conversation. Eventually as you worked together through the day, she told you how she had survived by fighting off her attacker, piercing his eye with a stick. Later that afternoon, Carol froze and turned pale. When you asked her what was wrong, she pointed at a man in an adjacent tent. His missing eye was being treated by another clinician, but his other eye was fixed squarely on Carol. When he saw you looking he moved his gaze away, but the chill in your spine wouldn’t leave.


 That evening you and your mother walked Carol home to her house outside of town. She served you some tea and you talked late into the night. You returned to the camp and left the next day. You kept correspondence with Carol, and still get occasional letters from her.


 This guy was the doctor that was working on Carol’s attacker’s eye.


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Jan 192011

Player: Eunsil

Background Notes

Deborah’s family is all doctors.

Her mother, Okja Jan, a 1.5-generation Korean-American, works in general practice for Doctor’s Without Borders (Médicins sans frontiérs). Her father, John Johnson, a life-long New Englander with an upper middle class background and old American-British roots, is a neurologist. Her parents met in medical school. They fell in love with each other and eloped. John’s marriage to Okja was a shock to his family. They disapproved of their marriage and this was really stressful to both of them over the years. Eventually, after 6 years and 3 kids, they divorced.

Her oldest sister, Sarah, is a neurologist. Sarah Johnson has a 5 year old son named Spencer Wilson, Deborah’s only nephew. Her older brother, Adam, is a heart surgeon, enjoying his bachelor life. He is a playboy, and Deborah has lost count of his girlfriends. Deborah is a trained and licensed neurologist. After she took a year to work with her mother in Sierra Leone, she decided to become an ER doctor. Her father disowned her over this decision. They had a bad argument. She is fine not seeing her father for a while. He also interfered with her love life and broke up a relationship with an ex-lover. Her ex, Max Huntington, a doctor in her same neurology program, is black, her father objected. He thought a multi-ethnic relationship would be too difficult based on his own divorce. The strain of her father’s disapproval was too much for her relationship with Max. Max broke it off after a particularly angry argument with Deborah’s dad. Deborah is currently single.

Deborah feels more connected to her Korean roots. Her mother tried to teach her kids Korean when they were young, but this failed due to her father’s influence. However, Deborah pursued the connection her own way. She speaks some Korean and she can read, but understanding and writing is still difficult for her. She took some Korean cooking lessons and makes her own Kim-Chi, which she is very proud of. Her favorite Korean dishes are Hwe (Korean style raw fish) and fermented crab. She collects Korean books, even though she does not understand them all well. She loves Korean music. However, she has never been to Korea yet.

At home she has a rescue dog, Jjong. Jjong is a 75 lb healthy 3 year old with curly white fur, and is a poodle-husky mix. She loves to chase squirrels. As of the start of the game, Jjong is being house-sit by some of Deborah’s neighbors, who have a Great Pyrenees named Luna. They are the ultimate playmates for each other. Very few dogs will stand up to Luna, except Jjong.

Deborah owns a 1300 square foot house 2 bed, 1 1/2 bath on 1 acre. She drives an orange 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid.


Deborah is 6 feet tall and 170 lbs. Her hair is bobbed at the shoulder, dark and wavy. She wears contacts and sometimes  glasses. She is allergic to chocolate, but loves it anyway. She is also allergic to cats.


She loves any outdoor activities. Especially bicycling, kayaking, and rock climbing. She plays violin. Her favorite indoor sports are fencing and kickboxing. She also loves pottery and studies medicinal herbs through botany.

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