Jan 212011

When Otto first saw The Doctor, this is what he recalled…

You know this guy Otto.

On your way out to Willapa Bay to visit Fab’s damp island and woodsy shack, your friends Mr. Bruno and Phil were relating stories about the darling ladies they almost met at the Minnesota Tech Expo (you of course held back your stories about those you did meet… never kiss and tell). It was getting dark, but you were relaxed about making the party. That is until two of your white-walled tires on your cherry red 1957 Buick Century Caballero had a sudden and extreme sidewall failure.

Phil pulled over right away before the chrome rims were damaged. The least he could do for not watching the road. But when you got out to survey the damage, you could see they would not be patched. And you only had one spare.

You and your friends checked phones, but had zero reception. No traffic went by except this insane Hummer driver who screamed by without stopping. You were getting ready to hack into the Coast Guard network to call for help when some hick drove up with a junk truck full of used tires. One of them fit, and, though it was a little bald, it had white walls at least. He took the Franklin you gave him for it. With a little work the tire was on and you were on your way.

This guy was the hick who drove the tire truck.

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Jan 202011


Education: Cambridge / MIT electrical engineering PhD. Computer systems analyst.

Born only son of fabulously wealthy old land gentry family – private edu & tutoring – handsome – overly blessed with charm (esp for the ladies) – not typically employed – too much free time and often bored.

Fills his free time tinkering with electronics and computers; primarily for amusement – often engages in acts of sabotage (computer) & occasionally works with freelance thieves aiding in heists (not for the $).


A wanton hedonist with a passion (no addiction) to various indulgences.

5’11”, 185 lbs, long curly black hair.

Drives a cherry red 1957 Buick Century Caballero.

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