Jan 212011

When Phil first saw The Doctor, this is what he recalled…

You know this guy Phil.

On your way out to Willapa Bay to visit Fab’s new island mansion, you and your techie friends Otto and Mr. Bruno were talking about the Minnesota Tech Expo you had recently vacated. It was dark and you were already late due to the long drive. You were driving confidently along 101 and getting near the bay, when suddenly you heard a bang and the steering wheel tried to leap out of your hand. You wrestled Otto’s cherry red 1957 Buick Century Caballero to the curb. Then got out to look at the two failed tires.

These tires were dead. Otto grumbled that he had only one spare, and the cell phones had no reception. When a Hummer screamed by he ignored your waving hands for help. You had your kit out and were considering reformulating your stage plastique into an adhesive, when a good samaritan finally stopped. Astoundingly, he was driving an old flatbed full of used tires.

Within a few minutes you had a working tire installed and were on your way.

This guy was the good samaritan who drove the tire truck.

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Jan 202011

Player: Jason B.


Movie buff.

Went to school to learn engineering. Became a special effects guy, skipping school to be on builds because I love movies. Enjoys action ?”vexplorises”? {hmm, handwriting}.

Somewhat hot tempered.

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