Jan 202011

When Ralphus first saw The Doctor, this is what he recalled…

You know this guy Ralphus.

A few years ago you were living on the streets of New York City. You woke up hearing some raucous violent voices. Fearing for your safety you ran away from the violent sounds towards the darkness of the alleys. Your pursuers followed and you tried to lose them in the twisting corridors. Suddenly you came into a dead end, but there was a guy taking the trash out of a restaurant. You dove into the kitchen and ran out the front, losing your pursuers. You made it safely away, then out of town, but never returned to New York.

This guy was the guy who was taking the trash out of the restaurant.


Ralphus’s personal psychic message:

A homeless man died in New York a few years ago. It didn’t make the news.

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