Jul 022012

I installed a plugin to display the slides of Dans Power Point as a comic strip.  I did the first 4, but there are tons so if anyone wants to update them they will get published faster.

Here is how to do it:

  • log in
  • In the left menu under comics, click add comic
  • Above the page edit box there is a small link called upload/insert–click it
  • Click the ‘Media Library’ tab at the top of the Add Media pop up window
  • Find the next slide from the 6 pages of media files and click ‘Show’
  • Give it a Title and click ‘Insert to Post’
  • Now Title the post – can be the same title as the comic
  • In the right menu bar, choose the chapter or make a new chapter if that is appropriate
  • Add alt (hover) text if you want
  • Click ‘Publish’

That should do it.

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