Jan 202011

When FAB first saw The Doctor, this is what he recalled…

You know this guy. When you turned 18 you invited your high school glee club friends to a party in Monaco. While enjoying yourselves at a casino in Monte Carlo you met and made acquaintance with Prince Albert II. Prince Albert was impressed with your club’s harmonizing. It reminded him of his own glee club days. And he invited you to a private soirée at his palace.

You had a fabulous time. There was dancing and a live band. And very fine spirits.

In the early morning, one of the other partygoers, Reginald DuMont, invited you all to his Mansion near Antibes, via his personal yacht. You all were a little drunk, but you happily made your way through the streets to the docks and on board.

The party continued well into the night. Reggie was very drunk, but a friend of his offered to pilot the yacht. You made it safely to Port Vauban. And woke up the next afternoon in a feather bed with satin sheets, nursing a mild hangover.

This guy was the friend of Reggie’s who piloted the yacht.

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