Jan 212011

When Mr. Jason Bruno first saw The Doctor, this is what he recalled…

You know this guy Mr. Bruno.

On your way out to Willapa Bay to visit your friend Fab’s new island mansion, you and your tech buddies Otto and Phil were having a raucous time gossiping about the Minnesota Tech Expo you had just attended. It was getting dark and you were already late due to the long drive, but you knew you would still easily make the Halloween party and seance. That is until the two curbside tires had a catastrophic sidewall failure on Otto’s cherry red 1957 Buick Century Caballero.

Phil pulled over right away before the chrome rims were damaged. But when you got out to survey the damage, you could see no simple patch would fix these. And you only had one spare. You checked your cell phone, but were disappointed to be getting zero reception. No traffic went by but some crazy Hummer driver who refused to stop. You were getting ready to walk 20 miles to Long Beach when a local drove up with a flatbed full of used tires. Miraculously, one of them fit, though it was a little bald. He took the Otto’s money and drove away. With some serious elbow grease, you soon had the tire installed and were on your way.

This guy was the local guy who drove the tire truck.

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Jan 202011

Player: Sam


As a child, he was exposed to an experimental robot. For some reason he seemed to remember almost everything the ‘bot did. At 12 he finished his first mechanical creation, a small bug-bot that could jump and detect movement.

Later he became one of the world’s leading robot makers and a pretty good programmer.


6 ft tall. 110 lbs.??? {very trim} Obsessed with Bilver? {this seems like what is written}

Funny and wierd. Wears glasses. He is funny and quick. Fast learner…

Uh, I dunno what else to say.


  • Classic bug-bot from childhood “BOB”
  • RC camera – handbot “GRAPES”
  • Green, special infra-red sensor glasses
  • Laptop in bag: Software includes:
    • Pictures of home, Wesnoth, GTK-Slashem, Firefox, Robot Notes, mapping, spore, PVZ, Rnd, Mirror Magic.
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