The games we play


This is a collection of tabletop role-playing games run by John Campbell, Dan Dugger and Jason Earrame. We are using this as a way to share our stories and keep the games interesting; adding a multi-media element to them. If you are interested in what we are doing, please feel free to contact us or leave comments on this page. Happy Adventuring!

John’s World

Star Warts

Doctor What

End of Magic

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  1. I think I am going to reorganize the menu structure to make it easier to use.

  2. I installed a database backup plugin and it pretty much hosed the site. I have most of it back up, but if you see anything missing please let me know.

  3. The way you roll dice in the chat box is type /roll xdyyy (eg. /roll 4d6). You can also +/- one digit (eg. /roll 4d6+1)

  4. I added a chat box to this page so we can see who is online and talk to each other. What do you think?

  5. I just installed a plug-in called subscribe to comments that should allow people to get emails for subsequent posts to a page they have posted on. I am still trying to figure out how it works.

  6. Would it be possible for people to subscribe to get emails when pages are updated? Maybe not comments (optional?) but just content changes.

  7. Hi Gamers, My plan here is to have a blog page for each character. When you want to add a new character you should go to posts>categories>add new. Make a category for your character and select the category parent that your character is in. Next, click on Posts>Add New and write your first post. Make sure you put a check mark next to the category you want your post to go in (your characters name.) At this point it would be best to send me an email or something to let me know so I can set the theme to show a link to the new category in the drop-down of that game.

    Any Questions?

  8. I am re-posting this comment here so it doesn’t get lost:

    I made Seattle Sessions a category so there is a link to this awesome post under Game Blogs. I also changed the link on the John’s World Page to go to the category rather than the page. I am trying to keep some kind of structure, but I am open to suggestions. I was thinking that each character would have their own category under the game they are in, so maybe we need to divide the category “John’s World” into two to keep the characters separate. What do you all think?

  9. I fixed the link on the ‘blogs for the games’ tab.

  10. Yep, we will be in John’s world on Friday. I think I fixed that “bug”.

  11. Hi Jason,
    I found a possible bug.

    When I submit a comment on this “Games We Play” section I get this message…

    Not Found
    Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here

  12. Is John running his game this Friday?

  13. I like the blog Jason!