End of Magic



  • Drakle Fairblast
  • Larek Smolderash
  • Malcouth
  • Damo
  • Birch Rainwood
  • Aldebaran Antares
  • Glint Puffskein
  • Nariel Nenharma
  • Bob the weak bowled


  • Xendrid
  • Legaricus
  • Orglik
  • Black Heart
  • Hollowthorn

The Story


The Citadel by the Sea

  1. Merchant caravan
  2. Fearful fleeing towns folk
    1. “The curse of the elves has fallen”
    2. Mob rules
  3. Meddling sage Crommard
  4. Party intervenes
  5. Back story of the citadel
    • Crommard collects orcish weapons
    • His companion Sethus is missing
  6. Heading to the Citadel
    1. orc footprints
    2. Orgrillon guard
    3. more orc guards
    4. Orc shaman
  7. Drakle and the Ear Seeker
  8. Meeting Bob
  9. Following footprints in the dust.
  10. Kobold slaves
  11. Bad air in dungeon
  12. 5 large spiders attack
  13. Muryar Kimuk the warerat illusionist
    1. escapes after loosing battle down a drain pipe
  14. Temple of Gruumsh
  15. The Black Hall
  16. The cursed dagger
  17. Battle for the spear
    1. Skeleton of Mondru IV
    2. 4 orc warior skeletons
    3. Sethus joins the battle
    4. Alkarg (“Elf Destroyer”)
  18. Larek’s will battle
  19. The spear is broken
  20. Ambush – Srak Jara, 13 orcs, 1 ogre and a fungus zombie
  21. Help from a Pseudodragon “Blackheart”
    1. Scroll with a face
    2. Job offer
    3. Map
    4. Drakel’s Father

The Myconoid Gathering

  1. The Potion seller -Legaricus
  2. Scammed
  3. The City of Sartook
    1. Remove cursed dagger
    2. Malcouth in trouble
  4. Henery the Hybsil guide
  5. Enter the gathering
  6. Camped by a Man Trap
  7. Malcouth charmed
  8. Meet Hollowthorn
    1. Learn about the troubles in Petakk
    2. Receive magic box
    3. Take to Petakk
    4. Give to Haakon in the dungeon there
  9. Legaricus performing
    1. The party arrests Legaricus
    2. His ring of flying is intelligent
  10. Approached by recruiters wearing the symbol of the eyes and blade
    1. bringing order to a chaotic world
  11. Shopping at Sam’s Imporium
  12. Meeting the boss
    1. The Wizard Xendrid
    2. New map
  13. The melding
    1. Attack of the undead dragon
    2. Shriekers sound alarm
    3. Zombie Dragon, Death Knight, Night Mare
    4. Skeletons drop from dragon to start ground offensive
    5. Xendrid stays to fight.
    6. Henery the Hybsil is shot down.
    7. Party rescues several mycinoids and escapes into the cave
    8. Cave sealed

The Underdark

  1. Healing the wounded
  2. The way out is down
  3. Birch looses an arm to slicer beetle
  4. Reattached by myconoids
  5. boots of skipping and hopping
  6. Cave creatures
    1. Fire Beatles and Carion Crawler eating Cave Spider
    2. More cave Spiders
  7. The Bridge Encounter
    1. One legged wizard used stone shape to make a bridge and living quarters
    2. pay to cross bridge
    3. Ogres and derro guard bridge
    4. Ogres attacked by Margoyles
    5. One Margoyle attacks Party
  8. A Gnome trapped in stone
    1. Magic jelly bellies awarded
  9. One Margoyle attacks Party
    1. Jelly bellies prove very useful
  10. Darro encounter
    1. Heavy with loot from gnome village
    2. Ignored at first
    3. Gnome village looted
    4. Go get the Daro and return the loot
  11. Treasure rewarded in elaborate gnome ceremony
  12. Raft ride out of cave

Taking the mining barge down the river

  1. Capitan Orglik
  2. Barge pulled by 2 giant Manta rays
  3. Water Spider attack
  4. Down the River
  5. The Taking of the Drakmort

  6. Port of Nimbus
  7. Dark ship being loaded with captured creatures
  8. Henry the Hybsil is alive!
  9. Let’s take that ship!
  10. Black robed guards
  11. Some tricky spells
  12. Manta Rays pull Drakmort out of dock
  13. Legaricus is left on the mining barge
  14. Out to see with Orglik at the helm

  15. Ship powers itself – headed south
  16. Mirror mirror thrown overboard
  17. locked door in hold
  18. Zombie Dragon in hold with some skeletons
  19. Party does major damage
  20. Dragon flees out of front of ship
  21. Flies for a while and falls to the sea.
  22. The Temple of Ar

  23. Storm
  24. Surrounded by angels with weapons
  25. Flown to safety – everyone
  26. Winged elf City
  27. Castle floating above island
  28. Emperor Talonbrow and Empress Elderwind
  29. very few walk ways no way to get around without flying
  30. Guarded by 2 silver dragons
  31. Centaur types kept in the grounds
  32. Rest and healing
  33. Interrogation of Darselai
    1. The litch in the ring
    2. Magic cage with holy water dripping from the top
    3. information:
      • She was a general in the growing undead army under the leadership of Norek Ochre. Her wizard husband, Protograth, whom she had turned to a toad, found a way to change back after so many years and trapped her in his ring. When Norek Ochre found that she was gone and that Protograth, he killed him immediately. Not knowing about the ring, Norek put Protograth in a tomb.
      • Norek is concentrating magical power in order to bring the power of Dierguth to earth using some kind of machine
      • There are other litches involved
      • Norek is creating all kinds of undead creatures
    4. Talenbrow destroys her when the interrogation is finished
  34. The princess is missing – Party implicated
    1. will be held until she is found
    2. held in the centaur grounds with the refugees
  35. The escape
    1. Approached by hooded winged figure at night – cleric/healer of the princess Nariel Nenharma
    2. Princess left with her lover
    3. Talenbrow will not be convinced that they are not involved
    4. Nariel will help them escape, but wants to join them
    5. Silver Dragon, Nimbus, helps with escape
    6. Silver dragon, Cumulus, agrees not to notice
    7. Back aboard the Drakmort
  36. Damo’s family visit

  37. Ship approached with the standards of Damo’s family
  38. Uncle has been on a mission to find her and bring her home
  39. With them is the third cousin that she is supposed to marry
  40. Give information that another Dragon Ship like this one was encountered several days ago asking questions about a party matching their descriptions that had stolen one of their ships
  41. They do not offer assistance.
  42. The Ghost Ship

  43. Heavy fog
  44. Ship with tattered sails seen in the fog.
  45. Battle with wraith captain and Lacidon (water ghouls) crew

  46. Hole in bottom of ship to underwater cave containing treasure
  47. lots of scrolls
  48. Drakle is cursed
    1. Permanent Faerie Fire glow
    2. -1 Intelligence

          The Time Temple

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