Wizard’s Lair encounter discussion

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    1. I have added the map to Lamar’s lair.

    2. If your character would like to find more interesting spells through NPCs with that spell or scrolls/books you need to let me know what kind of spells you are interested in finding. Of course, what you find may not be to order. 🙂

      Some example sources from my searching for Earth Sphere ideas:


    3. I don’t think an invisibility scroll will be enough to get me and Kur in and out of the front door of this well defended compound. We need something more powerful. How about multiple invis. potions and some pass wall scrolls?

    4. OOC: John can you scan both sides of my character sheet and email it to me?

    5. Hey Delia, Can you work some diplomacy magic to find out what other houses have a grudge with the wizards house? If possible can you find out if there are any specific days that would be important rivalry days between those house such as a court hearing, an anniversary of an event between the houses, etc.

    6. Kurin (to the other PCs): Guys! Those dwarves I dreamed about! They’re important! They have magic and awesome armor, and know about the portals! They can help us with our quest big time! And they’re probably on our side!

    7. Kurin (to Kur): Yes! I have many questions for you. And your knowledge of the realm can surely help us too!

      First, regarding the raid on the compound. What do you think of our initial plans?
      A sub-terranean entry will be useful for getting past the majority of the guards, but there is a risk of disturbing earth elementals or triggering magical wards in the laboratory. My hope is this wizard will not expect the raid directly from the ground. Since I didn’t advertise this ability to others than you, Lord Shatum, Delia, and my old friends. However, I have been witnessed in combat. (Sorry for the ramble Kur, I’ll try and be more focused).
      We could try a two-pronged approach. One above, one below. Our team has a lot of ability to wreak havoc. I don’t think we’ve fully realized our capabilities. Oc could approach through the upper wall. I could come in below, and we could split our other forces as needed.

      There are other dwarven communities near Voneer. Do you think any of them might be able to help? With the raid or with our other goals? Have you encountered them yet?

      Do you have knowledge of dwarven magic? Do you know anything about the Vasaduhlk?

      Sorry Kur. I’ll try and take a breath now.

      • Kur: Are you wanting to raid when the wizard is there or not? Attacking him on his own ground may be harder… If the idea is to place blame elsewhere then we can’t leave witnesses that can ID us or our origin. Using others, even for a diversion, may risk that as well as those that make the diversion.

        I do have knowledge of earth magic, and I have several skills to consider:

        MND based skills
        Read/Write (Dwarvish)
        Speak (Voneer)

        AGL based skills
        Med. Blunt
        Fire starting
        Gem cutting

        Earth Sphere

        Sanct from Creat Earth
        Crystalline Vision
        Crystalline Prison

        Vision uses two matched crystals (there can be more than one pair) where I throw or place one and view what I can see from it through the other one. Finding small suitable crystals can be time consuming and/or expensive. I have only two pairs right now and only one of the pairs is at all concealable.

        Prison allows me to distract one creature for as long as the spell lasts and I do nothing else but view them through a special crystal.

        I hope this is helpful.

      • Kur: Kurin, I do know a little bit about the Vasaduhlk, but maybe we should have a drink and discuss this in Dwarven…

    8. Kurin (to Uncle Shatum): Thank you sir! I did not know you had a smith! I would love to speak with them!

      OOC: Kurin is interested not only in better armor, but also a modification to his warhammer. Right now it has a hammer one side, a maul spike on the reverse, and a spike on top. Kurin would like to modify the reverse maul spike to an axe blade (kind of like a war pulaski, but it has a hammer instead of a pick).

      Kurin (to Da, Delia, and Oc, and Robilus and Tiboh if present): If any of the rest of you need weapon or armor modification. I’m a pretty good smith. It won’t take me long to do the work.

      OOC: Kurin has 6 dice in Armorer and Weaponsmith. He is probably one of the best smiths in the land, but is trying to act modest.

      • Everyone’s armor is leather based. He could give you all 3point armor to replace your 2point, but the dwarves will need to have their armor fitted. US has a smith, but a typical one for mundane tasks. You have seen his shop and the forge does not get hot enough for weapon mods. There are suitable forges in Voneer and at least one in most villages (with some adaptation).

    9. If you wish to make an OOC comment just precede your comment like this:

      OOC: We may want to have some props like tables, etc. to place on the map.

    10. This is the page for in-character discussion in preparation for raiding the wizard’s lair. All posts that do not say OOC (Out-of-character) should be considered to be in-character. GM comments will be the reverse where I will only be making in-character comments when preceded with that NPC’s name.

      Kur: While I am not in your league, do you think we should consider what I bring to the table?